The Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Fencing Materials

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Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 NOW! As society increasingly embraces the ethos of sustainability, our focus on environmentally friendly choices extends to every facet of our lives, including the materials we use for the fencing surrounding our homes. While the environmental impact of fencing materials might not be immediately apparent, the choices we make can … Read more

Wooden Privacy Fence Makeover

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The makeover of wood privacy fence In recent years, vinyl fencing has become a popular outdoor solution for homeowners. While vinyl fencing offers a modern, clean look with little required maintenance, wood fencing offers a rustic, yet classic charm that matches just about any home’s style. While wood fencing is affordable and timeless, it also … Read more

Types of Wood Fences

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Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 NOW! Wood fence types Providing more security and privacy than traditional chain link fences, countless homeowners  utilize various types of wood fences for their homes. Wood fences have been popular for as long as there has been a need for fencing and if you’re considering installing a new one, there … Read more

Cedar Fence Questions and Answers

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Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 NOW! Cedar Fences  Cedar stands as a stalwart choice for fencing, revered for its natural charm, abundant availability, and relatively straightforward installation process. Yet, amid the myriad of options, the query persists: what makes cedar the optimal selection? The answer lies in its resistance to rot, durability, affordability, and other … Read more

Preparing Your Fence for a Stormy Spring

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Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 NOW! 3 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Investments Call now Hillcrest Fence  the best fence company in Clermont Florida. With the arrival of spring comes the promise of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and, unfortunately, unpredictable storms. As homeowners, it’s crucial to prepare our properties for whatever spring sends our way … Read more

Two-Toned Fence

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2 tone fence When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of residential properties, the choice of fencing plays a crucial role. In recent years, homeowners have increasingly turned to vinyl fencing for its durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatility in design. Among the plethora of color options available, tan and khaki have … Read more

Privacy Wood Fence

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Call Hillcrest Fence at 863-812-9397 NOW! Wood fence for privacy When it comes to choosing a wood fence, homeowners are faced with a plethora of design options and styles to consider. One such decision point involves transitioning from a board-on-board fence to a complete privacy fence. While a board-on-board fence offers partial privacy with its … Read more