Best Fencing Options for High Winds


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Wind resistant fences

best fence company Kissimmee Florida

In Kissimmee, Florida, where strong winds can pose a threat to property, selecting the right fence becomes paramount. Hillcrest Fence understands the importance of wind-resistant fencing and provides a variety of options specially engineered to endure even the fiercest gusts.

But what exactly makes a fence wind-resistant? Several factors come into play, including fence styles, materials, and construction quality.

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What Constitutes a Wind-Resistant Fence?

The foundation of a wind-resistant fence lies in its sturdiness, particularly in the strength of its posts. The posts serve as the backbone of the fence, anchoring it securely to the ground.

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Opting for heavy-duty posts crafted from robust materials like steel or pressure-treated wood significantly bolsters the fence’s ability to withstand high winds.

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Additionally, the fence’s design plays a crucial role in its wind resistance. Certain styles are more adept at handling strong winds than others.

For instance, solid panel or privacy fences, with their large surface area, are more susceptible to wind damage. Conversely, open or semi-open designs like picket or lattice fences allow wind to pass through more freely, reducing the risk of damage. Incorporating diagonal or crisscrossing supports further fortifies the fence against wind-related stress.

Material selection is equally vital for wind resistance. Vinyl and aluminum are renowned for their durability and ability to withstand high winds. Vinyl fences, resistant to rot and corrosion, boast a flexible design that can endure strong gusts without fracturing.

For maximum sturdiness in vinyl fencing, Hillcrest Fence offers TruConnect vinyl fencing, featuring an interlocking picket system engineered to withstand higher wind loads.

Aluminum fences, lightweight yet robust, excel in windy areas. Both materials entail minimal maintenance, making them ideal for homeowners seeking enduring and low-maintenance fencing solutions.

Optimal Fence Styles for High Wind Areas:

In choosing a wind-resistant fence, the style and design play crucial roles. Different styles offer varying degrees of wind resistance, enabling homeowners to find the most suitable option.

Here are three fence styles renowned for their ability to withstand high winds:

Solid Panel Fences for Ultimate Wind Protection: If wind protection tops your priority list, solid panel fences are an excellent choice. Constructed with solid panels, these fences create a formidable barrier against strong winds, effectively minimizing the risk of damage.

Beyond functionality, solid panel fences offer privacy and security for your property.

Lattice or Slat Fences for Moderate Wind Resistance: For a balance between wind resistance and aesthetics, lattice or slat fences are ideal. Featuring openings between the panels, these fences allow some wind to pass through while still providing protection.

Lattice or slat fences add a decorative touch to outdoor spaces while offering moderate wind resistance.

Open Picket Fences for Adequate Wind Resistance: In areas with lower wind speeds or for those preferring a more open and traditional look, open picket fences prove suitable.

Characterized by widely spaced pickets, these fences permit a significant amount of wind to pass through. While not as wind-resistant as solid panel or lattice fences, open picket fences withstand moderate winds without damage.

When it comes to selecting a fence for high wind areas in Kissimmee, Florida, prioritizing materials and construction quality is paramount.

Hillcrest Fence offers a diverse range of high-quality fence options engineered to endure severe weather conditions. By choosing a wind-resistant fence and maintaining it properly, homeowners can rest assured their property remains safeguarded even during the most adverse weather conditions.

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